Contract Between JIFSAN and EPA Will Expand the Food Commodity Intake Database

Screenshot of WWEIA-FCID Homepage

What We Eat In America - Food Commodity Intake Database Homepage

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded a contract with the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) to expand its Food Commodity Intake Database (FCID).

The FCID is a dietary exposure analysis model used to estimate dietary intake of any component of food and water. This includes nutrients, pesticides, toxicants, natural constituents, and food additives. The consumption, recipe, and associated demographic data files relating to food commodity intake can be found at JIFSAN.

One of the site's elements is the Commodity Consumption Calculator. The calculator allows users to choose a food commodity or commodity group including age, race and gender. It then generates an intake table. Right now, users can only run one age group at a time.

The contract will allow for enhancement of the calculator tool, making it more efficient, flexible, and user friendly.

The calculator will give users the option of selecting multiple age groups at a time. It will generate food intake tables with information about the food commodities selected, age groups and gender. The tool will also allow for new commodity groups, such as totals for the major food groups and exposed and protected fruits and vegetables.

JIFSAN expects the updated FCID to be released in 2016. A set of new data covering records from 2007-2012 has a proposed release date late in 2016.